To Err Is Human, On An GOES Application That Is

Ask yourself, what would happen if you misspelled or omitted something from your GOES application after submitting, what are you to do? It clearly states that corrections cannot be made until you schedule an interview, but what if you misspelled your name, how will they be able to conduct an interview or more importantly will you be denied? Well in this case the first step is, don’t panic. Second thing to do, refer to step one. From the CBP Q&A it says that an omission/ misspelling on an application would almost certainly not deny your application; however, the following should be brought to the attention of the CBP Helpdesk if not already included on the application. If you have visited other countries (other than the USA, Canada, Mexico)  but say that you have not. Any history of indiscretion not already listed (i.e. any instances where you were arrested or had to go before a judge). CBP is a law enforcement agency, if you traveled or did something regardless of how long ago, it’s best to disclose as chances are CBP will discover it.