Application support

Have a burning question not found in the Q&A page? Give the Info Center a call:

Toll Free: 855-USE GOES (873-4637)
Outside the United States: 202-325-8060
Hours: Monday Friday 9:00 a.m 4:00 p.m Eastern

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  1. Global Entry Help says:

    Hello Jean,

    If I may, I would like to provide a little insight, which should answer your question. The trusted traveler program in its infancy was a streamlined efficient system that processed and approved users in less than a week then they added TSA Pre Check and it exploded. What was once a few hundred applications a month, is now several thousand applications a day. You my dear or one of many thousands of people and in turn must wait. Last I checked, Global Entry applications were being investigated in a span of 3 weeks. There is no indicator that the GOES helpdesk can provide (other the pending review located on the dashboard) and I can only gage that if you submitted your request on June 20th that you should receive a response to schedule an interview by July 11th (3 weeks).


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