Warning, Read This Before Applying For GOES!

The few minutes it takes you to read this post, could save you hundreds. You’ve read the stories and your friends brag about the Trusted Traveler Programs (TTP) offered by Customs and Border Protection (CBP). You’ve made the choice and decided to brave the onslaught of questions necessary to investigate your background. Now what you have to ask yourself is, are you actually applying with the CBP?

What! How would you know? The website you started your application on looks so official?

I’ll answer that question with the following test

Please check out the following links, what do you notice is the same?




The key take away is they all end in .com. CBP and other US government agencies websites will end in .gov. If you have visited them or started your application, then you just visited a third-party website and you will pay double if you want them to complete your application. I cannot vouch for their legitimacy, but what I do know from their website is that they will submit your application (after you completed it for them) and provide a quick glimpse to make sure your spelled your name correctly. For this meager service, they will charge you double the actual costs of the programs, up to $129.00-149.00 US Dollars in addition to the TTP fees. I would never recommend these services as I don’t trust them but if you are in real need of assistance, I can help